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The fiction scene on Medium is growing. Many writers are discovering the platform is a great place to showcase both their long and short form work. If you are an avid reader, finding quality fiction amongst the click bait headlines that dominate the mainstream publications is a challenge. Let me take some of that burden from you.

I’m Adam, a reader and writer of fiction. Im on a mission to help prove that Medium is the ideal place for both new and established fiction writers to connect with their fan base. If this resonates with you, please share links to any fiction story that you enjoy in the comments and I’ll try to include it in a future round-up post, such as this one.

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New Stories

Stephen M. Tomic explores what it would be like to be naked at the pearly gates in this 2 minute short story…

Sarah Paris shares a Christmas dream in this 4 minute short read…

Zachary Seda uses few words to paint a vivid picture in this 2 minute flash fiction piece…

From the Archive

Rafael Zoehler published this emotional 9 minute read in 2015. It is one of the top fictional pieces ever published on Medium for good reason. If you haven’t read it yet…

Jessica Powell requests a little more of your time to read the full novel she has published to the platform. ‘The Big Disruption’ is extremely engaging story based on life in Silicon Valley.

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Thanks and happy reading :-)

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